Are the vechicles insured ?

The vehicle rental includes a mandatory liability insurance covering damage to the third parties. Accessories (keys, helmets, etc.) and contract extras (GPS, Wifi, Baul, etc.) are not covered by insurance and are under the responsibility of the renter. Any small damages that the vehicle already has will be mentioned in the contract. In case of damage to the vehicle by the renter it will be paid in accordance with the lists of damages exposed on the counter of the office rent that the tenant acknowledges.

What are methods of payment for rental service ?

Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Deposit or Wire Transfer.

How do i rent a vehicle ?

You can reserve it in shop or in our web page

You need an official ID or Valid Driver license for Cars or Motorcycles.

Leave a Deposit with the Credit Card or in Cash in the Shop

Fill in the Rental Contract.

Can i change the vehicle after reservation ?

Yes, it is possible, nevertheless, it has to be done within a minimum of 24 hours before the beginning of the reservation, having in mind the availability of the transport on that day, that can be confirmed by our staff.

Where can i take the vehicle and where can i return it ?

You can take the vehicle in any of our shops and return it to the same shop.

What should i do if vehicle breaks down ?

In case of the accident with registered vehicle, the renter must report to the store where it was rented, bringing the accident report (form can be find inside the vehicle seat with the rest of the documents) fully completed by both parties returned within 48 hours from the date of the accident, unless stated differently. Otherwise always before the end of the lease period of the vehicle. In case of the accidents that does not involve third parties (falls, collisions with other objects) the customer is responsible for all the damages that have been made and must pay. The amount may be deducted from the deposit, or otherwise can be paid in cash or credit card. In case that the accident statement was not brought to the store by the renter he will be charged with a minimum fee of 50€ depending on the value of the damage of the vehicle at the time of his return. Incomplete or incorrect reports of the incidents are not accepted, and if so, it will become the responsibility of the lessee to pay the damages of the vehicle. The deposit will be retained until the shop has not clarified which party is responsible for the accident and therefore who is responsible for the vehicle’s damage.

What is deposit and when i will get back my money?

For the security, the company charges a deposit in cash or with the credit card (the amount is being blocked in the credit card). After successful return of the vehicle, the company returns deposit’s amount on the same card, unlocking the amount (when the rental period is maximum 28 days) or making a bank transfer to the bank account of the lessee (if the rental period is more than 28 days). The cost of the transfer, that will charged from the lessee, is 3€ to 17€ (depending on the banc account of the lessee).

Which kind of Driving Lices need for rent a Car or Motorcycle?

The renter must have a valid driving license under the laws of Spain. The company assumes no liability for any fines concerning the driving license. Specifically, the lessee agrees to sign the rental contract, fill in all the information and show valid driving license, that agrees with the Spanish legislation on the matter. The lessee takes full responsibility regarding circulation with the rented vehicle without a valid permit or driving license and release our company from any responsibility regarding driving license or permit.

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